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Are users still required to use masks in conjunction with the BeAiware system?2020-08-17T19:19:12-05:00

Yes. According to CDC, masks in conjunction with social distance will dramatically reduce chances for people to catch COVID-19. While BeAiware can alert physical distance, the school should have its own policy regarding use of masks. The CDC has compared protection from different types of masks, and it is helpful to also consult this article from Johns Hopkins.

Can I use BeAiware in other types of business, other than schools?2020-09-09T14:29:58-05:00

Yes, you can. Although our solution is focused on schools, other business can use BeAiware. Our solution may be a good fit for your business if you have little or no face-to-face contact with customers. Warehouses, IT companies, construction work are good examples of other types of business that would benefit from BeAiware.

Can the school review and delete personal information collected from their students?2020-08-17T21:52:12-05:00

Yes. Schools can delete all personal information stored in the BeAiware system, and they can request our support team to delete backups as well. No questions asked.

Does BeAiware own school or student data?2020-09-09T18:25:06-05:00

No. BeAiware doesn’t assume ownership of any customer data in our platform. All data is owned by the school or school district.

Does BeAiware use a GPS-like system to detect proximity?2020-09-09T15:15:18-05:00

BeAiware does not use anything like a GPS  (Global Positioning System). We only detect relative distance from one person to another, or more precisely, from one Smart tag to another.

Does BeAiware use or share the information for commercial purposes not related to the provision of the online services requested by the school?2020-08-17T21:16:21-05:00

No. All the information is confidential and only shared with individuals indicated by the school. No raw data is provided whatsoever.

Has BeAiware signed the Student Privacy Pledge?2020-09-10T14:28:21-05:00

Yes. In order to reaffirm the commitments we’ve made to schools, BeAiware has signed the Student Privacy Pledge. This pledge, introduced by the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), is intended to reflect our commitment to safeguard student personal information in our services designed for use in schools.

Read the Student Privacy Pledge 

How can BeAiware contribute to ensure physical distancing between students in the classroom?2020-08-17T18:59:51-05:00

Most schools will keep desks or tables physically distanced by a minimum of 6ft. That’s a very important measure to avoid excessive contact between students. However, it is difficult to control students in a classroom for the whole day, especially when they are not in the classroom, and contacts will be inevitable. BeAiware smart badges are able to alert students after a determined number of seconds in proximity with one another. This will also alleviate the psychological pressure to remember to keep physical distance at all times.

How can BeAiware contribute to trace visitors?2020-08-17T18:52:35-05:00

In addition to the protocols implemented by the school to screen visitors and to ask them to use hand sanitizer before entering the school, a Smart Badge will be given to the visitor and his/her contact information will be collected. Visitors will have to wear their temporary smart badges while in the school. Visitors will be instructed to inform the nurse if he/she is exposed or confirmed with COVID-19, so the nurse will be able to track all users impacted by that visitor. The school will also be able to alert visitors if someone they got in contact with contracted Covid.

How difficult is the implementation of the BeAiware system?2020-08-17T18:12:31-05:00

The BeAiware system is very easy to implement in the school. Once the smart badges are handled to the students and activated in the system, the school is ready to go. Daily, data is collected by teachers and staff using a Mobile App that requires no touch other than turn it in and off. Only the nurse or another person designated by the school administrator can access healthcare data and contacts (and even then, only of people exposed or confirmed with Covid-19).

Our implementation process is streamlined to assure both agility and safety, while providing quality assurance on the process.

How does BeAiware use personal information collected?2020-08-17T21:14:03-05:00

BeAiware uses personal information only to provide schools with the knowledge of confirmed and potential cases of COVID-19, use of Smart Badges, and quarantine monitoring. This information is shared only with the school through our web portal User Interface (UI), with access privileges determined by the school. All information in the Smart Badges is anonymized, with only the wearable device identification being broadcasted to the mobile app. We never share or sell data.

How will the distribution of Smart Badges occur?2020-08-17T18:30:37-05:00

BeAiware will provide the school with a box containing all the purchased Smart Badges tested, sanitized and separated in small groups, as per school directives. After that, each teacher will receive her/his own set of badges to distribute to the students. Only when a student or staff physically receives the badge, contact tracing is enabled. The school personnel in the front desk will be responsible for distributing the badges to visitors, as well as sanitizing them when receiving badges back.

I have a group of people working everyday together. Do they need to wear the Smart Badges? If so, is it going to alert them all the time?2020-08-17T18:22:42-05:00

Yes, they will need to wear the smart badges all the time, since they may contact other people. However, the BeAiware smart badges have a functionality to white list the group so it will not alert them when close to each other. Even when the alert is disabled because of the white list functionality, the contact information will be securely sent to our system supporting the Contact Tracing function.

Is BeAiware COPPA compliant?2020-09-09T14:38:54-05:00

Yes. BeAiware complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Is BeAiware system designed only for COVID-19?2020-09-09T14:33:32-05:00

No. COVID-19 is the first disease tracked, but the system is already prepared for other diseases to be included in later releases. Covid-19 exposed how we can improve public health with careful monitoring, and other contagious diseases outbreaks can be averted with simple measures. For instance, episodes like this measles outbreak in a school in 2019 could be stopped short by BeAiware system.

Is daily screening of students and staff still required when using BeAiware system?2020-08-17T19:10:57-05:00

Yes. The BeAiware system is designed to support schools to keep Social Distance as well as trace all contacts the users have experienced. Daily screening questionnaires are helpful in quickly identifying people who may have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 outside the school and developed symptoms. Those who have been exposed can have their contacts promptly identified by the school nurse, using BeAiware platform.

Just to be sure, does BeAiware use the students’ personal information in connection with online behavioral advertising, or building user profiles for commercial purposes not related to the provision of the online service?2020-08-17T21:19:55-05:00

No. We treat all the information as confidential and we only share it with individuals indicated by the school. No raw data is provided whatsoever. We would not like our children data to be collected and shared, and we will not do that with yours.

What are the benefits of having a Quarantine Monitoring system?2020-09-09T15:02:48-05:00

Although the decision to enter in quarantine is relatively easy, there is more controversy regarding criteria to resume usual activities. The CDC suggests a combination of days since diagnosis/contact and absence of fever without the use of fever-reducing medicine for 24 hours. In order to be sure that both requirements are met, the nurse can contact the person (or parents) to check if the initial quarantine end date should be kept, or prolonged, if there is presence of symptoms.

It should be noted that the European counterpart of the CDC, the  ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) affirms that “Provided that there are sufficient resources, there is a clear benefit in testing asymptomatic patients before they are released from isolation. However, in the context of limited resources for healthcare and laboratories during the COVID-19 epidemic, the testing of symptomatic persons should have priority over the testing of asymptomatic patients before release from isolation.”  The more complex strategy to end a quarantine, it is more important to have a system in place.

Our quarantine monitoring module allows:

a) Control of Quarantine End Date: registering contacts with those about to end their quarantine period, and changing the quarantine end date if necessary.

b) Control of people in quarantine who are on campus, in violation of the quarantine policy.

c) History of quarantine which may inform possible immunity when the quarantine was recent and caused the formation of antibodies.

What disinfectants can be used to clean the Smart Badges?2020-08-17T18:23:38-05:00

Our Smart Badges are developed to withstand routine use and cleaning according to CDC Protocols. Alcohol 70% is the preferred disinfectant for all electronic devices, including our wearables.

What type of personal information will BeAiware collect from students?2020-09-10T13:53:33-05:00

BeAiware will collect only the necessary information for our system to function properly, such as First/Last name, the school unique id and the information of smart badges used and contact with other smart badges with date and timestamp. No localization data in the likeness of GPS is obtained or stored. Your school may ask us to store additional information to improve their particular process in serving its community. No email address or contact information will be obtained from students. Our privacy guidelines are in compliance with COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

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